Emily's Favorite Advocare Weight Loss Products

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Catalyst is one of my Advocare Products because helps me retain muscle and reduce fat for a more toned and better defined physique. These pictures were taken 24 Days apart. You'll notice that it only took 24 Days to “chisel, cut, and tone” my physique: That's why Catalyst has earned the nickname of “Butt-Be-Gone-Gut-Be-Gone.” I thank Catalyst for the transformation in my muscle tone from Day 1 to Day 24. I also was very thankful for Thermoplus because I was unable to workout during my initial weight loss quest because of my Scoliosis. Thermopolus burns fat calories! I took it 30 minutes before my main 3 meals, and it burned about 900 calories per day. (It just heats up your intestines to burn calories, so there are no cardiovascular side effects). Go to www.joinemily.com to see these products or to order product. Rest assured that I will provide you with excellent customer service. I will give you individualized help and support with your Advocare Products. Questions? Call me at (509) 910-5972.