Why use Advocare Cleanse?

Advocare's 10 Day Cleanse is "Gentle & Uneventful" but Effective!It is the 1st 10 day phase of the "24 Day Challenge." (see my before/after picture at the top of this page) The 24 Day Challenge is a "Metabolic Reset Button!" For more info, go to www.joinemily.com

WHY ADVOCARE'S CLEANSE? Most cleanses only target your colon, but your liver and kidneys are also your “toxin filters.” It’s kind of like the “lint trap” in your clothes dryer. When you clear your lint trap off, the little holes in the “screen” of the lint trap are cleared so the heat can go through the lint trap and dry your clothes. Metabolism is heat. That heat (metabolism) is more effective at metabolizing (burning) fat once your organs get cleansed.

The 3 Components of Advocare's Herbal Cleanse Box
1. Fiber Drink: is like taking the”lint off the lint trap” after every load of laundry! It gently cleanses, allowing heat to transfer so your metabolism is raised, which is necessary to burn fat!
2. Herbal Cleanse Tablets: is like an “S.O.S.” pad - more deeply cleansing the intestines and colon.
3. Probiotic: Probiotics are good bacteria, these are the highest quality on the market – formulated to survive through the hostile environment of the low PH/high acidic stomach, so it can make it safely to the large & small intestines where it needs to be to kill the bad bacteria. Probiotics metabolize toxins & carry them out of your system! Probiotics also metabolize vitamins for your body!

Go to www.joinemily.com to order, or call Emily at (509) 910-5972,